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It’s not a diet! You don’t change the way you eat. You add NutraLinea to yoghurt, muesli, smoothie, shake, juice or water to super-boost your meal. It’s essentially a combination of selected super foods, we call ultra nutrients blended together in ready-to-use sachets, tablets or capsules.


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NutraLinea Ultra Nutrients offers a complete range of dietary supplements containing high valuable vitamins, minerals and elements, derived from special selected natural and organic sources. NutraLinea offers a varied product range dietary supplements for people who pursue a healthy lifestyle.


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NutraLinea ‘introduction deal’ – valid in The Netherlands. With every order on our website you will receive the  NutraLinea Protein Shaker 500 ml, Lupine Shake Top 12 recipe booklet – free of charge and no shipping costs.


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