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About Us

Launch of a new health concept

NutraLinea is launched in 2014 on QVC, Germany largest homeshopping channel and showcase for innovative health products. NutraLinea will be launched in more countries in 2015.

The benefits

The NutraLinea product range is based on natural and sustainable ingredients and is developed by dieticians and nutritionists.

Powerful ingredients

The full spectrum of bio-available nutrients that mother nature has to offer us: vitamins, minerals and elements from natural sources.

Easy to incorporate

NutraLinea Ultra Nutrients offers a complete range of bio-available dietary supplements, that are easy to incorporate in your daily life style.

About us

Eating healthy is extremely important for a healthy body and mind, your energy, resistance and vitality. The key to a healthy life lies in offering your body the full spectrum of essential nutrients, bio-available and in the effective quantity and form.


People try to eat a healthy and balanced diet in order to get the proper nutrients, vitamins, minerals and elements their body needs. However, in modern life most food is limited in its nutritional value. Moreover, healthy food is relatively expensive and difficult for some people to incorporate in their life style.


To offer the complete range of nutritional elements your body needs, we have developed NutraLinea Ultra Nutrients. Ultra Nutrients are special selected, natural and powerful super foods containing vitamins, minerals and elements in effective and high dosages, derived from selected natural sources as organic vegetables, fruits, sprouts, algae, mushrooms, grass juices, herbs and enzymes.


Your body will no longer have a shortage in nutrients.

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