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Lipomin® Night

Lipomin® Night

Lipomin® Night is the natural support for slimming in combination with Lipomin® Day .

The formula and composition are designed to have an impact on the energy expenditure, energymetabolism and appetite control. While your body rest at night – your energy is restored as Lipomin helps control the transport of oxygen through your body. You’ll have more energy during the day to lead an active life.


The duo-sachets contains 2 different compounds (capsule + powder). Dissolve the acerola powder and mix in a glass of water and take the capsule while you are drinking.

Usage: 1 duo-sachet a day before diner.



Lipomin Night ® contains:

  • Capsimax* (capsicum extract) with the heat of red hot peppers without the burn
  • Acerola extract (17% vitamin C) also known as Barbados cherry, native to the Caribbean
  • Natural based formula with 5 vitamins and minerals for weight control


*Award winning and patented Capsicum extract. The beadlets encapsulate capsicum in a controlled-release coating by using OmniBead™ technology. Capsimax®  beadlets pass through the stomach and releases the capsicum into the lower parts of the intestine without the oral and gastric burning. Because of this people with stomach problems can take Lipomin® Nigh capsules.


Developed by dieticians and nutrition experts – for an active and healthy lifestyle.



Capsicum extract, Grains of paradise, Magnesium, Acerola extract, Vitamin C, Iron, Zinc, Vitamin A.


Ingredient statement

Capsule: Capsicum extract (2% Capsaicinoids), Grains of paradise (6-paradol 12,5%), microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate (bulking agents).

Drink: Maltodextrin, magnesium, citric acid, acerola extract, vitamin C, iron, natural flavour, safflower extract (colouring agent), zinc, sweetener, vitamin A.


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