Lose weight with protein shakes

Where in the past you could only go to special shops for athletes, you now see them next to the many webshops in almost every supermarket and drugstore: protein shakes. The range of protein shakes is becoming more and more complicated and extensive. Many types and sizes are available; from sachets to large cans of powder, from conventional flavours such as strawberries and vanilla to trendy flavours such as ‘summer cherry’ and ‘choco brownie’. Also webshops offering the protein shakes spring up like mushrooms. This is mainly because the weight loss from protein shakes has increased enormously in popularity. Nowadays it’s not just bodybuilders who feast on protein shakes to maintain their impressive muscle mass, the shakes are also eagerly sought after by people who want to lose weight. Good protein shakes can be an ideal solution to lose weight.

How come you lose weight through protein shakes?
It’s important to look at why diets often fail and we don’t lose weight. Often hunger is the culprit. We starve ourselves and bite on a wood to lose weight. Of course, this can’t be maintained for long. In the end, hunger often wins out and you still go beyond your book and eat much more than you normally would. A shame, because starving yourself is not the intention and certainly not necessary, especially with a diet based on protein shakes. Good protein shakes contain a lot of fibre and protein. These make you feel satiated. Because of this, you will logically eat less one day because you simply don’t have the need. Moreover, protein shakes contain few calories. So if you replace a meal with a shake, you end up eating less calories in one day.

What do proteins do for you?
The main ingredient in protein shakes is, you guessed it, protein. And it is precisely this ingredient that makes it easier to lose weight. Then comes in the first place by the saturated feeling that protein provides. In addition, your body has to work much harder to burn protein than is the case with carbohydrates. This means that you consume more energy with an equal amount of protein than with an equal amount of carbohydrates. What’s more, with proteins your stomach very quickly sends a signal to the brain that there’s enough food in it. With carbohydrates, this signal later enters the brain and there is a chance that you will overeat. Finally, proteins are good for muscle recovery and muscle building.

How do you use protein shakes?
For example, start the day with a protein shake and replace your regular breakfast with it. This is an ideal way to get your day off to a good start. You’ll give your metabolism a boost and you’ll have a satiated feeling right up until lunch. If you want to lose the necessary kilos, then it may be wise to exercise in addition to your diet. If you take your protein shake before you start exercising, then you already have a good supply of energy. If you take the shake after exercise, you can quickly replenish what you have used up. With protein shakes you can experiment endlessly. Add nice fresh fruit or yogurt, and you’ll keep it nice for yourself. Using protein shakes is definitely a healthy way to lose weight. Of course, make sure you eat healthily throughout the day and exercise regularly. Success guaranteed!


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