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A SamplePack consists of one Lupine Protein Shake and one Chocopower sachet.

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1 Lupine Protein Shake sachet: 18 g
1 ChocoPower sachet: 12 g

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Meet NutraLinea!
Order your SamplePack now and experience our Lupine Protein Shake en ChocoPower yourself. It is basically free, because you will receive this €2,50 as a discount on your next order!

A SamplePack consists of one Lupine Protein Shake and one ChocoPower sachet.

Lupine Protein Shake
The Lupine Protein Shake is the perfect addition to an active lifestyle. It is full of lupine, a good source of plant-based protein supplemented with milk protein isolate. Great for recovery, building muscle and strong bones. In addition, our shake is rich in inulin, a source of fiber that gives you a satiated feeling, with added maca extract to give you an energy boost.
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ChocoPower is a delicious chocolate drink that activates the body’s natural energy. The drink is also rich in fiber, which contributes to a full, satisfied feeling. And it contains added guarana extract for an extra energy boost. ChocoPower is the ultimate treat when you’re craving chocolate but don’t want to deal with its disadvantages.
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